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APPLE M8416 M8665 M9338G/A 14" iBook G3 G4 laptop battery

APPLE M8416 M8665 M9338G/A 14" iBook G3 G4 laptop battery

The Brand New Replacement Laptop Battery For 

 100% new high quality generic (non-OEM)       M8416G/A Battery

High Quality , Brand New , Retail Package , Fast Shipping 

100% new high quality generic (non-OEM)  M8416G/A Battery Pack.
100% original manufacturer compatible.
No memory effect. Chargeable even if it has not been used up yet.
Full one year warranty !!!
Chemistry: Li-ion
Volts: 14.8V/14.4V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Dimension : 141.41x99.91x20.10 mm
Net Weight:  544.31 g
Color: L.Grey
Run time: Up to 6 hours
Best Replacement for the original Battery :

MACINTOSH  APPLE 661-2611, 661-2886, 661-2998, 661-3189, 661-3699, 8860LL/A, 9165CH/A, A1062, A1080, M7701J/A, M8416, M8416G/A, M8416J/A, M8665, M8665G, M8665G/A, M8862LL/A, M9140G/A, M9140J/A, M9165J/A, M9165LL/A, M9338G/A, M9338J/A, M9338J/B, M9388CH/A, M9388J/A, M9388LL/A , M9418LL/A, M9419LL/A ,

Compatible with model: 

MACINTOSH  Apple IBOOK  661-2611, 661-2886, 661-2998, 661-3189, 661-3699, 8860LL/A
, 9165*/A, 9165CH/A, 9419LL/A, A1062, A1080, G3-8860LL/A, G3-M8862LL/A, G4-9165CH/A, G4-M9165J/A, G4-M9165LL/A, G4-M9388CH/A, G4-M9388J/A, G4-M9388LL/A, M7701J/A, M7701LL/A, M8416, M8416G/A, M8416J/A, M8603*/A, M8603/a, M8603J/A, M8603LL/A, M8603S/A, M8603T/A, M8603Y/A, M8665, M8665G, M8665G/A, M8862 */A, M8862B/A*, M8862J/A, M8862LL/A, M8862S/A, M8862T/A, M8862Y/A, M9009 J/A, M9009*/A, M9009B/A*, M9009LL/A, M9009S/A, M9009T/A*, M9009Y/A, M9140G/A, M9140J/A, M9165*/A, M9165B/A, M9165CH/A, M9165J/A, M9165LL/A, M9165X/A, M9338G/A, M9338J/A, M9338J/B, M9388B/A, M9388CH/A, M9388J/A, M9388LL/A, M9388X/A, M9418LL/A, M9418ZH/A, M9419LL/A, M9419ZH/A, M9627, M9627*/A, M9627CH/A, M9627F/A, M9627J/A, M9627LL/A, M9627X/A, M9627ZH/A, M9628, M9628*/A, M9628CH/A, M9628F/A, M9628J/A, M9628LL/A, M9628X/A, M9628ZH/A, M9848*/A, M9848CH/A, M9848LL/A, M9848X/A

APPLE iBook 14.1" LCD Series:
APPLE iBook 14.1" LCD 16 VRAM, APPLE iBook 14.1" LCD 32 VRAM
2002 APPLE iBook G3 14-inch Series:
2003 APPLE iBook G4 14-inch Series:

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